Part 4: A Cure Worse Than the Disease: Treating cancer with MORE cancer

For the past couple of days since my last post, I’ve been very busy with my energy healing sessions. Dr. Y traveled to Switzerland yesterday for a seminar on new energy medicine technology and he’s coming back on the 12th of June. Meanwhile, until Dr. Fahmy returns, I’m seeing Dr. Manal for Bio-Touch and Pranic Healing sessions.

Even though I have strong faith in my current treatment, I cannot advise people to follow my path. It’s too much of a burden and responsibility on my side to make such a call before I’m 100% cured.

However, this does not mean that I am questioning the effectiveness of alternative medicine. On the contrary, I am positive that I made the right decision and that I will soon make this call.

Such a decision has to be well informed, and this is exactly why I strongly advise people to do their own research and then decide, just like I did.

It might have been different with me because I didn’t look for the truth myself, it came to me and I rejected it in the beginning. After I did my own research, I realized how ignorant I was for missing the truth when it was only a click away!

As Dr. Fahmy always said, our problem is that we do not read. We do not look for the truth unless it comes to us, and even when it does, sometimes we’re too blind to see it.

My aim right now is to share my personal experience with holisitic medicine, hoping that I eventually become living proof for everyone.

More than anything, I really hope that with the success of my treatment, I would be able to help other people overcome this disease without having to go through the never ending, painful and fatal treatments of orthodox medicine.

I do not intend to patronize any cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy/radiation or any type of cancer ‘treatment’. I believe that every patient has the right to know the risks and side effects of any substance before it enters his/her body.

I personally wish I had researched before I decided to go for chemo. I trusted my doctor too much. I believed that he wanted what’s in my best interest, and I still believe he did, but unfortunately, doctors tend to weigh out risks in a very flawed manner.


For example, my doctor would give me Tamoxifen to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer, completely disregarding the fact that it increases the risks of developing uterine cancer by 30%.

He believes that the benefits of this drug outweigh its harms. Yes, it decreases the possibility of its recurrence in the same breast by 60%, but at the same time increases the risks of developing other aggressive types of cancer!

He told me that after my recovery, I would have to get frequent scans on my abdominal area in order to keep an eye out for any changes that could be indicators of cancer.


The National Cancer Institute announced in April 1998 that breast cancer could be “prevented” by treating women continuously with Tamoxifen.

The New York Times editorialized on April 8th that treating women with Tamoxifen is a “breast cancer breakthrough”.

However, The Times acknowledged that treating 1,000 women with Tamoxifen for five years would prevent 17 breast cancers but would cause an additional 12 cases of endometrial cancer and 20 cases of serious blood clots in the same 1,000 women.

A recent study published in cancer research concluded that long-term use of Tamoxifen increases the risk of getting aggressive cancer in the other breast by 440%. (


I truly thank God that I refused to continue before I was given any Tamoxifen, but to my surprise, below is what I have just found out about one of the chemo drugs I’ve already taken in all 3 sessions:


“German investigators from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena have shown that Taxol (the “gold standard of chemo”) causes a massive release of cells into circulation.

Such a release of cancer cells would result in extensive metastasis months or even years later, long after the chemo would be suspected as the cause of the spread of the cancer. This little known horror of conventional cancer treatment needs to be spread far and wide, but it is not even listed in the side effects of Taxol.” (

Although this information is quite frightening and infuriating, I’m thankful that I’ve managed to at least avoid further damage that could have been caused by more chemotherapy.

This is exactly why I hope this blog goes viral. Doctors are not sharing this information and patients continue to get poisoned everyday.

In my opinion, this is crime.

I would appreciate it if everyone shares this information. You never know who might need it.