We live in a toxic world on all different levels. We eat, drink and breathe poison everyday. Along with the constant mental, physical and psychological stress, keeping a healthy/balanced lifestyle is almost impossible.

Unfortunately, stating the obvious is never enough reason for us to take a step back and consider the serious damage we inflict upon ourselves. It should be no surprise that disease is spreading everywhere and among us.

Today, 1 person out of 3 gets cancer in the course of their life. I happen to be an unlucky one.


My name is Heba Mitkees and I’m 23 years old, turning 24 in July. I’m also a Cancerian. =)

I was born in Montreal, and brought up in the UAE. My mother and I moved back to Egypt in 2002 after my father’s death. I finished my last 2 years of highschool and went to college in Cairo. I studied Broadcasting and specialized in video editing.


My father was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer in 2001. He died of Septicemia. Chemotherapy killed him after 3 sessions and in less than 2 months.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in March, 2011. I finished 3 chemotherapy sessions and then decided to go for alternative treatment after intensive research about orthodox vs. alternative medicine.


With all due respect to the beautiful orthodox doctors whom I believe have been misled and the cancer patients who had/have blind faith in conventional medicine, I believe that everyone deserves to know that there are plenty of other treatment options.

I will be documenting my personal experience with this illness as I’m currently being treated with alternative doctors in Egypt. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve learned a lot about the pharmaceutical industry and its role in suppressing alternative treatments in order to keep profiting.

I believe that Cancer is a business.

In this blog, I will share information about the shocking reality of conventional treatment of this disease. I will also share information about alternative treatment and the different ways to cure and prevent cancer.

I am not a doctor, but I will dedicate my time and effort to collect such helpful and possibly lifesaving information from the beautiful doctors I have been blessed with.


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  1. Dr Fahmy says:

    Well done Heba, you are one the way to prove the hoax of cancer.

    I am sure you will be able to help many other woman and men.

  2. Vanessa P says:

    Hi Heba; did you heard about GcMAF alternative therapy?

  3. Karin says:

    Hello Heba, I have been through your blog and would like you to know that you are a beautiful person inside out and you are truly courageous. My mother is suffering from cancer and is still on chemotherapy since almost a year now, not much improvements came in. She was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer in the breast, but it has spread to lungs and bones and now in the spinal cord. I very much beleive in holistic healing, i currently live in Abu Dhabi – UAE, do you know any energy doctors like Dr. Fahmy who can help treat my mom instead of the poison she is currently taking?

    Thank you and may you rest in much peaceful blessings.



    • hebamitkees says:

      Hi Karin! Thank you so much for the beautiful comment and wishes. I’m really sorry to hear about your mother and I wish her a fast and speedy recovery. I will contact Dr. Fahmy to ask if he knows anyone in the UAE who can help. I will email you back with details as soon as I receive info. :)
      Meanwhile, I will send you an email with information that could help for the time being.
      Take care, xx

  4. Noha says:

    You are a brave soul, and inshallah you will get through this hard time and cancer will be a thing of the past. I will follow your blog and pray for you healthy and quick recovery every day. I was wondering if you can maybe send me the contact information for Dr. Fahmy please ?

  5. Vlatka says:

    I don’t know if you know about Ivan Rados and his work, but I think he could be of help, too. Here is his article. Hope it helps, and hope you’re gonna come out of this with a healthy body!

    by Ivan Rados on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 8:11pm

    About two years ago, Susan knocked on my office door, sneaked inn, and immediately started talking without noticing, or acknowledging me.

    “I thought that I’d won,” but obviously I didn’t. Now I have only one month. They told me that my survival odds are ‘0%. Imagine that — 0%. I am a walking Zombie. They gave me one month. I followed everything they told me, I listened to every f… expert, and after three years they told me they can’t do anything else for me. Now, I have one month to live. I am totally stuck…”

    She was talking for almost half an hour with no stopping, full of anger, fury, disappointment, hate… all mixed with self-pithy. I was listening to her, while witnessing her breathing. She was not breathing in! She was furiously throwing her breath out, together with all the thoughts of conflict, confusion, suppression, fear for life, feeling stuck…, but not one breath inn. I was stunned. Is this possible that she can talk without oxygen in her lungs?

    At one point, out of blue, she stops talking, takes a deep, deep breath inn and said: “You are not listening to me”.

    I was looking at her for a long, long time, without an urge to respond. After a long look at each other’s eyes, I finally responded, “It doesn’t matter whether I am listening to you or not. The question is, do you listen to yourself? A more important question is, do you love yourself?”

    I could see the shock in her face. She did not expect that response . She was waiting for my apology, or something else coming from my possible guilt. She tried to say something, but her mouth started trembling, and tears started rolling down her face. For another half an hour she was crying. It would be better to say, she was sobbing. I could see in energy field her repressed emotions of separation, abandonment, death-fright, love starvation . Even if I had no ability to see all that, I would have been able to hear her desperate cry for acceptance, security and love.. To feel and understand someone’s need for love, you don’t have to be a psychic.

    While she was crying, I was witnessing another breathing pattern, and this one was a constant breath inn. I hardly witnessed an exhale.

    One year prior to seeing me, during a regular annual health check up, the doctor discovered a renal cell carcinoma, which arose from the small tubes within her right kidney. She was diagnosed with cancer. Six month later, after chemotherapy failed to give the expected results, she went into surgery. They removed her right kidney. Another six months later, after another examination, the doctor discovered cancer in her left kidney, and after another immunotherapy (chemotherapy) failed, she was given two options, another surgery to remove the entire organ including the adrenal gland, adjacent lymph nodes and surrounding “normal” tissue, or to face a certain death in one month.

    “You obviously lost somebody in your family?” I interrupted her crying.

    “How do you know?”, she said. “My son died in a car accident 2 years before I was diagnosed with cancer, and my husband passed away 2 month later.”

    “You feel lonely, abandoned, with a sense of disorientation and a short memory loss”.

    “So, you really are a psychic!”. Susan said with the surprised face.

    “Susan, I may be a psychic, but this was not a demonstration of that gift. My knowing about your loss comes from my openness to you in total compassion. In that sense we are all psychics, but most of us have lost our connection with that ability because of our feeling of insignificance and smallness. To compensate, we live in a pretend state of being. We are not connected to What Is, not connected to the natural ability of being present in our wholeness, our infinite health within…”

    “Can you help me to become healthy again?” She stopped me in the middle of the sentence.

    “First, in order for me to help you, you have to understand what you are asking for.

    Mind cannot accept reality as it is. Mind can only accept the circumstances of existence, of that what appears as shapes and forms. The existence, by its very nature, cannot have any circumstances. The existence is always within. That inner reality is What Is, eternally healthy. We are not insignificant, small; we are not on circumference of the existence. We are the Whole, infinitely connected with inner infinite health. We exist within the hearth of the existence. That’s where joy, bliss, peace, freedom and health are infinitely present, in the center of the existence, in the center of our being.

    Our being is not small or temporary; it is infinitely within the existence. What is temporary is the mind’s imposition upon our free being, upon our unlimited possibilities and potentiality in this moment of now. So, bliss and health is our very nature within. To be blissful is natural; it is a spontaneous act of our being in this moment of now.

    We don’t have to do anything in order to be what we are, naturally, always – health. No effort is needed to be blissful, peaceful, healthy and full of joy, but it takes a great effort to be in diseases, suffering and misery. That effort is depleting us from the natural source of life force, from the state of infinite health within, and that’s why we look too exhausted, diseased, dying…

    To be in separation from our blissful healthy nature is a really hard work. The mind is working really hard to maintain that state of separation in order to exist. It is really difficult, hard, and painful to go against nature. Only those who are ready to accept everything in totality are able to accept the moment of now, and that acceptance will realign the individual with the infinite health within. We all try hard to become healthy, to become somebody, recognized, acknowledged, secure, accepted persons, but very rarely somebody will have a courage, the inner guts just to be. To become is ignorance, it is to be the disease; to be is health. Just look around, the whole humanity is ignoring its divine nature in this moment of now, that is why everybody is in disease, pain and suffering. People are ignoring the infinite health in their being. That is the separation — the disconnection from the infinite, healthy existence within.”

    “I don’t understand” she replayed.

    “Can you love your cancer?”

    “Are you crazy? You are asking me to love the monster. How can I love cancer that is going to put me in my grave”.

    “That “monster” is your own body cellular structure. You are fighting your own body’s healing process. The cancer is an indication that the healing of the great loss that you have suffered is going on in the body. By fighting the cancer, you are fighting your own body. Cancer is not an alien invading your sovereign body; it is a process of healing the conflict you inflicted into your psyche. The whole problem is the thoughts and emotional discharge not being in tune with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. You are fueling the “Monster” by your worries, fear, anxiety, stress, anger and conflict.

    Can you love your “diseased” kidney? Love is all about acceptance. When you accept everything in your reality, positive or negative, everything that you like or dislike, everything you want and don’t, everything that happens to you and that what might happen to you…, than, what is left is – you. By accepting everything, you are embracing your consciousness, you are acknowledging your divine nature, you are witnessing your health growing infinitely in the moment of now. You are no more possessed by the mind and its feeling of being separated and insignificant.

    Once you are not possessed by the mind, which is always about polarities in circumstances of existence, your body will be relaxed, at ease, and naturally, it will realign with the infinite health within. If you are still in stress, conflict, confusion, separation, in the thoughts of loss, feeling of abandonment; then your body will give up and die.

    If you wish to “be” the health, then hold no opinion for or against. Accept the loss of your son and your husband, and all the painful feelings that arise from it: loneliness, anger, disappointment, sorrow, grief… Be in love with life, not in conflict with life. You are life. Do not be in conflict with yourself. Allow the body to finish the healing. Do not intervene. Be the witness of the whole process. Witness the body balancing itself naturally. Body is divine intelligence capable of giving you a perfect vehicle to experience joyfulness in this reality. Love the body, look after it, listen to it, but do not fight it. You can be healthy only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more consciousness to it, a little more joy to it. Basically, accept life as it is in its own totality.”

    You can go on complaining or feeling pity for yourself, clinging to your misery for lives and you will never be healthy; something or other will remain to be changed. That change is always in circumstances of the existence. Instead, change the unconsciousness into consciousness. That is the essential change. Without the inner changes, no one can give you health. When unconsciousness is transcended into consciousness, everything becomes clear and undisguised.

    Your son and husband are not with you any longer, and although you feel lonely; you are actually alone. Trust that alones. Love that alones. The whole existence is all about you. You are the one, alone within the existence. To accept that you are alone is to witness the whole existence within, and that is the greatest transformation that can happen to you. Take life as an easy and spontaneous flow, as fun, not as a burden – Life is health, that’s precisely what it is!”

    After two hours of energy healing combined with spiritual guidance; she left my office breathing inn and out rhythmically.

    She came for three more healing sessions, and after that I did not her from her for two years. A week ago I intended to write this blog and the memory of healing sessions with Susan came to my attention. I called her immediately. Susan is still alive and well. She was laughing, giggling and vibrating with the energy. She is into healing pets – dogs, cats and horses.

    “Are you in fear that death will come one day?” I asked.

    “Just as you taught me, I am dying every day to something, and it is so amazing to witness my inner rebirth every moment I die to something old. I am infinitely healthy”. She said.

    We are intelligent be-ings, Intelligence is a natural phenomenon, it is the inner seeing; just as breathing is, divine blessing and benediction. Life is blessing, if you bring your intelligence to it. Life isn’t a balance between throwing out and inviting in, like previous Susan’s erratic breathing. Life is all about balance and acceptance.

    With total, unconditional acceptance of All That Is, you are just being as You Are, infinitely healthy in the moment of now. Infinite health is Infinite Consciousness.

    Ivan Rados

    March 2010

    Read more on “Health It’s all About Consciousness” by Ivan Rados, published by Namaste Publishing


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