Part 4: A Cure Worse Than the Disease: Treating cancer with MORE cancer

For the past couple of days since my last post, I’ve been very busy with my energy healing sessions. Dr. Y traveled to Switzerland yesterday for a seminar on new energy medicine technology and he’s coming back on the 12th of June. Meanwhile, until Dr. Fahmy returns, I’m seeing Dr. Manal for Bio-Touch and Pranic Healing sessions.

Even though I have strong faith in my current treatment, I cannot advise people to follow my path. It’s too much of a burden and responsibility on my side to make such a call before I’m 100% cured.

However, this does not mean that I am questioning the effectiveness of alternative medicine. On the contrary, I am positive that I made the right decision and that I will soon make this call.

Such a decision has to be well informed, and this is exactly why I strongly advise people to do their own research and then decide, just like I did.

It might have been different with me because I didn’t look for the truth myself, it came to me and I rejected it in the beginning. After I did my own research, I realized how ignorant I was for missing the truth when it was only a click away!

As Dr. Fahmy always said, our problem is that we do not read. We do not look for the truth unless it comes to us, and even when it does, sometimes we’re too blind to see it.

My aim right now is to share my personal experience with holisitic medicine, hoping that I eventually become living proof for everyone.

More than anything, I really hope that with the success of my treatment, I would be able to help other people overcome this disease without having to go through the never ending, painful and fatal treatments of orthodox medicine.

I do not intend to patronize any cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy/radiation or any type of cancer ‘treatment’. I believe that every patient has the right to know the risks and side effects of any substance before it enters his/her body.

I personally wish I had researched before I decided to go for chemo. I trusted my doctor too much. I believed that he wanted what’s in my best interest, and I still believe he did, but unfortunately, doctors tend to weigh out risks in a very flawed manner.


For example, my doctor would give me Tamoxifen to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer, completely disregarding the fact that it increases the risks of developing uterine cancer by 30%.

He believes that the benefits of this drug outweigh its harms. Yes, it decreases the possibility of its recurrence in the same breast by 60%, but at the same time increases the risks of developing other aggressive types of cancer!

He told me that after my recovery, I would have to get frequent scans on my abdominal area in order to keep an eye out for any changes that could be indicators of cancer.


The National Cancer Institute announced in April 1998 that breast cancer could be “prevented” by treating women continuously with Tamoxifen.

The New York Times editorialized on April 8th that treating women with Tamoxifen is a “breast cancer breakthrough”.

However, The Times acknowledged that treating 1,000 women with Tamoxifen for five years would prevent 17 breast cancers but would cause an additional 12 cases of endometrial cancer and 20 cases of serious blood clots in the same 1,000 women.

A recent study published in cancer research concluded that long-term use of Tamoxifen increases the risk of getting aggressive cancer in the other breast by 440%. (


I truly thank God that I refused to continue before I was given any Tamoxifen, but to my surprise, below is what I have just found out about one of the chemo drugs I’ve already taken in all 3 sessions:


“German investigators from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena have shown that Taxol (the “gold standard of chemo”) causes a massive release of cells into circulation.

Such a release of cancer cells would result in extensive metastasis months or even years later, long after the chemo would be suspected as the cause of the spread of the cancer. This little known horror of conventional cancer treatment needs to be spread far and wide, but it is not even listed in the side effects of Taxol.” (

Although this information is quite frightening and infuriating, I’m thankful that I’ve managed to at least avoid further damage that could have been caused by more chemotherapy.

This is exactly why I hope this blog goes viral. Doctors are not sharing this information and patients continue to get poisoned everyday.

In my opinion, this is crime.

I would appreciate it if everyone shares this information. You never know who might need it.


6 Responses to Part 4: A Cure Worse Than the Disease: Treating cancer with MORE cancer

  1. Hala Barakat says:

    Dear Heba
    I admire your courage, strength and faith.
    In the yoga tradition, one can channel good healing energy to others by dedicating one’s practice them and I just want to tell you that I am dedicating my daily yoga practice to you.
    God bless you.

  2. Mahitab says:

    Heba I hope u remember me, it’s Mahy from DubaiTV, remember those days? :D

    I just wanna say that I really admire your courage and your initiative to share your experience and try to help other people. I truly wish you keep this positive energy n strength within you.

    May God be with you :)

  3. rouelshimi says:

    You seriously amaze me. Keep blogging. It’s an eye opener. x

  4. Ghazal Al Mufti says:

    Dearest Heba:
    Well,You do not know me ,but I know you through your mother and father when we were living in Montreal, Canada.
    I still remember your mother’s Egyptian beauty and your Dad’s distinctive smile. I can also tell you stories about their parrots they used to have and the troubles they went through to keep them (ask your Mom about this part).
    Sometime in January 1986, your Mom came to visit me at home and sharing with me the birth of my boy Muhannad. My mother held my boy and gave him to your Mom, instructing her to make a wish and ask God for a baby. I did believe that her wish will become true at that time,seeing her excitement and happiness then. Coming back to Kuwait I heard from your uncle and Aunti Amani that they have a beautiful young lady.
    Well I agree you are very beautiful seeing your photo.But what is even more beautiful is your inner spirit your will and determination,
    I am so glad that I am having the opportunity to write to you , and learn a lot from you. I feel my soul is with
    with you, never wanting to come back to me alone.
    Please check the following link, for alternative medicine;

  5. amr zaki says:

    I dont know why You dont wanna contact me to help you but ill give you my 2 cents.. I want to talk with you..for long.. so im going to write something short and probably ignorant.

    Lung and bone cancer are Incurable. you can try chemotherapy if they tell you that you have no hope but chances are it’s incurable. once cancer metastasizes to the bones /’re done. when you’re on chemo, blood counts go low, thats why you can get infections which could be deadly and sadly, this is the case with your father. Older people generally dont respond too well to these treatments. Your case is completely different. I questioned chemo once.. for a year..and never thought it worked.. but in the did..sure it damaged a bit of me..but it did work. there are no proof to holistic treatments. Period. there is no stats. and yes its toxic.. so what.. car emissions.. smoking environment..egyptian smog..all are toxic.we live in a toxic environment. My doctor told me once.. sometimes people go out after cancer treatments and the toll they take on their bodies, living way healthier lives than they would have lived. (I quit smoking and drinking all together, partly cause i wanted to and partly cause I had to! )

    I studied economics of the healthcare system in Canada and North America in General and know how bad pharmaceutical companies are but Im not going to get into that, this is too big of a topic to discuss and its SUICIDE to merge this with cancer treatments. Chemotherapy comes from Botanicals. it’s processed botanicals.. so any ”natural form” of chemotherapy which can come from mushrooms, fruiting bodies etc.. has a medicated form. obviously it’s mixed with a lot of crap and it’s highly toxic Yes but if it works in 20% of the people, it’s proven.

    I wanted to call you because I was confused.. I was confused just like you.. didnt believe anybody or anything..didn’t trust my oncologist..I was treated / saw doctors between Anderson (Houston – world no.1 cancer centre) and Memorial sloan kettering in NYC (NO. 1 for lymphoma world wide) . I was treated however in Canada where I lived a significant period of time. I wont tell you my life story, but I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphona stage 2.. did horrible chemo / radiation.. go treated..4 months later.. cancer came back or never went away.. I did more chemo.. and then I did an autologous stem cell transplant and I’ve been ok since then.. this is very very recent.. I’ve only been ”cancer free” for a little over a year.. anyways.. I chose to beleive the treatments work.. I also had a chinese herbalist..which recommended a ton of crap.. this man has been treating tons of patients for a lot of things.. I really don’t wanna write all this crap because I feel its very very shortened..

    2nd of all.. I read somewhere that you do a lymph drainage massage. proved by many Chinese herbalists (Serious people coming out of china) these people went to Chinese medicinal schools which is a wholly diff. schooling of medicine.. and they say it’s garbage so I suggest you stop wasting your time with that.

    your ”chances of getting other types of cancer don’t necessarily have to come” these are ”risks” which doctors dont want to take. I had a 30% chance of survival.. here I am talking to you. go back to chemo and in the meantime..keep doing your natural medicine . you’ll be good. dont ruin your life over confusion. NO ONE will ever understand what you’re going through but me .. (And anyone who’s been through something like this).. I read your whole blog and I remember myself. if you still wanna talk.. email me at ” ” if not you can read below my small note / foods to eat and what to do. and I have some supplements which have many things that are good for you. if you would like to take them let me know..I buy a lot and take them everyday..they help me heal.sleep and feel energetic.

    Here’s a note I wrote the other day for you: I AM STILL GOING TO ASSUME YOU ARE GOING TO CONTINUE YOUR TREATMENTS..

    As much as I know it is going to be hard eating or not eating all this, I will list what’s very important that you need to follow. During cancer treatments it is hard to smile at anyone, let alone eat!

    I ask that before you read any of the foods I recommend / not recommend that you go down to the last page and read my personal note for you.

    I will start by listing cancer fighting foods that are actually really good for you whether you have cancer or not!

    1- Olive oil – put In salads, chicken, bread, juice whatever – make sure you use a lot of it

    2- Vitamin C – in large doses (Every 3 days, take about 5000mg of vitamin C)

    3- Honey – Natural Honey. Yemeni honey is known to be the finest, followed by New Zealand. Look for also Royal Jelly supplements. Royal Jelly is the eggs from the queen embedded in Honey. It is very expensive but there are many cheap forms of it that are sold. Don’t go for the $1000 brand but you can buy a small honey based pack @ around $50. (You can transfer this into your own currency). Either way, honey is very good for you. Have a big spoon right after you wake up and before you go to sleep.

    4- Black seed (Habet el Baraka) – Religiously, at least for me, it is mentioned as a treatment. Scientifically, habet el Baraka is a dry, nasty looking black seeds that resembles charcoal. This is my own take “charcoal is used to attract things and make things dry, I am assuming this is a supplement which has the same function so naturally it might attract free radicals which are cancerous”. So if you can, put some habet el Baraka seeds onto the spoon of money and make sure you chew it properly every morning and right before you sleep.

    5- Bee pollen- These are seeds that look like wheat. You buy them at any local health food store. Mix a spoon or so in water and stir it every morning and take it. Before or after breakfast (Im assuming you might not have breakfast 70% of the time) but make sure you do it.

    6- Pineapples – Pineapples are a strong cancer fighting fruit mainly concentrated in the STEM! So try to eat or munch on the stem along with the pineapple sliCes themselves. And PLEASE, Fresh Pineapple only!

    7- Tomatoes – Good for some types of cancers as a preventative – specifically Colon. I’m sure it won’t do no harm to not eat it even if you have cancer cells. But read about tomatoes in general as a cancer fighting fruit, yes fruit – Google it.

    8- TUMERIC – I cannot stress how important this is!! 1 very important spice you need to use in your foods. Spray on chicken, rice or vegetables or cook with it. It’s available in all Indian foods and any Indian market will have a very high quality of it. This is the NO 1 Cancer FIGHTING spice of all time. Spray generously! And no, it doesn’t taste like butter or mushroom sauce.

    9- Berries! (Blueberry, blackberry, Crapberry! all berries) – Berries contain a compound called anthocyanins. Eat all sorts of berries during the afternoon / Night time. They’re a good anti-oxidant. I am sure you have heard this stupid word 1000 times, but they do work as part of the package.

    10- Garlic – healthy for the heart and a good cancer fighter. Cancer treatments generally bug your heart / circulation so you need to eat some form of garlic. And given we are some form of Arabs; Garlic is made plenty in many meals. Try having it raw. Swallow it in the afternoon with water, I promise you won’t stink!

    11- Regular vegetables – Broccoli / carrots etc… Steam and have for lunch/Dinner.

    12- Selenium – Buy this supplement at the health store and take the highest dose available once a day in the Morning! do not exceed 1 tablet per day.

    13- If you can find ‘’Reishi” Mushrooms. They’re pronounced ‘RINJI’ . huge immune boosting mushroom.

    14- Juices: if you can find Goji, Noni and Magnosteen juice (Usually Chinese) Buy them and use them. They are very good for you. I am not sure where you can find in the gulf bas ask some Chinese people. And cactus juice.

    Enough talking about what to eat, now, what to NOT EAT!!

    Things you have to avoid at all costs because they are not good for you. Period. Believe it or not, let your doctor fight me but they are true. There is reason Asian person live for so long and us Arabs don’t.

    1- Fried foods. – Anything fried – Chicken, fish, meat, fries, onion rings etc..

    You are going to eat Baked and / or Steamed food. Because Oil when fried, produces chemicals which I do not want to write (In fear of wasting time / losing what I want to tell you) so please, try to avoid fried foods at all cost.

    2- Meats. Only eat Fish / Chicken. Red meat ( Beef, Duck, Quails etc..) Are not good for you. At least for now. We always excessively eat meats. Realistically we should eat red meats about twice a week. Yet we manage to eat it almost every day sometimes twice. Red meats are known to be acidic. Meaning, they create a further acidic environment in your body. Yes, your stomach does have acids to digest foods but that is different. CANCER CELLS THRIVE IN ACIDIC ENVIRONMENTS. So please, for this year, stop eating red meat and only eat chicken or fish. Baked salmons is lovely, so is baked all sorts of fish, shrimps etc.. Baked chicken? Roast chicken – Amazing. Please stay away from this as it is crucial.

    3- Coffee – Banned!! Caffeine is general is not good for you. They say coffee beans are an anti-oxidant but the health world is 50 – 50 on this. You need to sleep and rest, not be wired! Stay away from caffeine’s.

    4- Sugars- Rule no. 1 of Cancer, Sugars feed Cancer cells. Refined sugar is bad for you. Look it up on Google! If you drink green tea or juices or milk or or Do not put white/ brown / refined sugar on it. It is not good for you. There are natural sugar forms sold such as “stevia” but they taste bad, or I don’t like them personally. The only natural form of sugar you can have is from Fruits!! Berries, pineapples, apples, bananas etc… And don’t overuse it. Just be moderate. I repeat, NO SUGAR USE! Yes, no chocolate cakes, twizzlers, Kit Kat etc.. You obviously cannot stop this all at once and you will find yourself every week occasionally having a chocolate bar. That’s fine, you’re going through a lot but try to avoid all this eventually until you are finished your treatment and at least a year has passed! Make it a healthy lifestyle. You will feel better at the end.

    5- Milk – this is a grey Area. But my herbalist told me before do not drink milk for this period. We are grown anyways so we don’t need it and our bones are fine. Drink herbs, mint, yansoon, and caraway seeds, whatever but stay away from Black tea / Coffee and Milk.

    The final and most important thing in this Phase is SLEEP. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP !!

    Your body takes a toll on you from Cancer treatments and from our garbage lifestyles which we live. We cannot sleep at 1 / 2 /3 am. Sometimes medications such as steroids are given to us as a treatment which makes us can’t sleep, that’s fine but if you’re not taking them, You have to sleep. Your liver operates to clean everything roughly every day around 9-11pm. My herbalist wanted me to sleep at 10:00pm every day. I never listened to him once. It was hard. Really hard.
    You need to be in bed by 11-12 max!! 1:00am sleeping is not good for you. Your body needs the rest / sleep to recover from the damages the cancer cells and the treatments have endured upon us. Right before you sleep, try it once or twice a week, fill a small tub with warm water and put your legs in it. Leg movements and heat promote circulation, which you want. Do that for 15 mins and then go to sleep. I promise you will have the best sleep ever.

    I am not going to lie to you and tell you, you are going to make it and you’ll be ok and cancer will be gone and inshallah and god willing and Jesus prays for you and so on. We are all destined somewhere in the end whether it’s good or bad we can only try to do what’s best for us and leave the rest up to what’s planned for us. I hated people when they felt sympathy for me because you didn’t need it. Your body and mind is strong enough to overcome it. And I am serious. You have no idea how powerful your mind is. You have to think that the treatments along with the above supplements is going to clean up your body and bring you back to a new clean state. I used to smoke and drink, I had to quit and my doctor told me that sometimes people become cleaner and healthier than what they were after cancer treatments.

    Anyways…I am drifting away. You have to build a barrier. They say it is ok to cry or feel bad for yourself once in a while but believe me after looking at the outside world. It’s not worth 1 bit. We are just like Ants, birds, dinosaurs etc… We are going to grow up, have kids or not, live, eat, work etc and eventually die. And do the same thing everyone is doing so really we are not missing out on much. But when you build a barrier and tell yourself this is a small bump in the road and it will pass and give it time, you will become much stronger. Believe me, sometimes I think it’s is bad to be so strong and emotionless but sometimes you need this especially during the current period. I look at my friends now who cry they didn’t get the grade they wanted, or don’t have the money to go somewhere or car breaks down or has a fight with his/her gf/bf and I laugh and think what stupid people. I ask that you be strong and if someone tell you that you’ll be ok, take it with a smile and ask people to stop guessing what you are going through or how you feel because you feel ok and you will be ok. Tell them this is something small and I will be ok after, now can we talk about something different? Let the treatments take their time and I promise you they will pass so fast. I went through this cycle twice for 3 years. I was ok at the end. And in the end, you are young and not 80 years old and about to die. These treatments now are all state of the art and taken from the best of the world. With these treatment plans and food supplements / recommendations I gave you, you have 95% chance of being well. The other 5% is up there. For him to decide.

    So take things with a smile. Don’t be upset if you loose your hair or become skinny for a while, you’ll gain all the hair and weight you want in the end. Who wants to gain weight? This is the stupidest part of things. You know yourself. Say to yourself this is not me and soon I will be back to normal.
    By the way, all these foods / ideas were built from scratch.No one told me what to eat. I looked it up in 3 years and I am happy I can pass this on to someone. I wish you the best and trust you will be zay el fol as they say  Please tell your family to smile in your face because it is you not them who is going through this small bump. Tell them to be happy and go get me my supplements and foods instead of patting my backs and asking how I am every hour. 
    And I hope to hear from you when you’re good because you will be good.


    P.s. I hope you read this on 2 days..and I hope I can explain this in a much cleaner way.

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